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1920s standard lamp 1920s teapot 1920s vase 1920s water jug 1921 calendar 1930's 1930s 1930s ashtray 1930s bowl 1930s bowls 1930s butter dish 1930s cake plate 1930s canister 1930s carlton ware 1930s cheese dish 1930s china 1930s clock 1930s demitasse 1930s display plate 1930s fishing reel 1930s flower trough 1930s fruit bowl 1930s jug 1930s jug and bowl 1930s light shade 1930s meat plate 1930s mixing bowl 1930s nut bowl 1930s nut dish 1930s pin dish 1930s print 1930s sandwich plate 1930s sewing machine 1930s shaving mug 1930s sweets tin 1930s teapot 1930s vase 1930s wall vase 1940's 1940s 1940s australian army 1940s cake plate 1940s comport 1940s demobilization papers 1940s desk 1940s dickens jug 1940s ginger jar 1940s invalid feeder 1940s jug 1940s nut bowl 1940s pin dish 1940s pin dishes 1940s plate 1940s radio 1940s sandwich plate 1940s serviette rings 1940s shaving mug 1940s tea cup 1940s teacup 1940s teapot 1940s vase 1950's 1950s 1950s alarm clock 1950s cake plate 1950s carlton ware 1950s carlton ware pin dish 1950s clock 1950s comport 1950s cordial set 1950s crime novel 1950s desk 1950s fruit bowl 1950s handbag 1950s knitting 1950s magazine rack 1950s nut bowl 1950s picture frame 1950s portland pottery 1950s royal commemorative pin dish 1950s stem vase 1950s tea cup 1950s tureen 1950s vase 1950s water jug 1950s wedgwood 1950s wool 1960's 1960s 1960s book ends 1960s bowl 1960s cake plate 1960s comports 1960s cuff links 1960s dish 1960s enhancer 1960s enid blyton 1960s japanese stoneware bowl 1960s jug 1960s mcc 1960s mcc memorabilia 1960s mirror 1960s necklace 1960s pin dish 1960s pin dishes 1960s salt and peppers 1960s suitcase 1960s tapestry 1960s tea cup 1960s teacup 1960s toast rack 1960s toby jug 1970s 1970s brass jardiniere 1970s brooch 1970s butter dish 1970s doll 1970s enid blyton 1970s floral pin dish 1970s glass plate 1970s jug 1970s lamp 1970s necklace 1970s pin dish 1970s plate 1970s porcelain doll 1970s teapot 1970s tonka truck 1970s vase 1970s wedgwood 1970s wedgwood plate 1980s 1980s plate 1990s 2 cup measuring jug 2 drawer desk 2 handled vase 2 pint measuring jug 2000s 3 branch chandelier 3 panel door 3 tier cake stand 4 panel door a christmas carol aav badge abies aboriginal aboriginal child aboriginal girl aboriginal head aboriginal history abstract art abstract art pin dish acer acid acorn adam lindsay gordon adams adams cake plate adams jug adams revival adderley adelaide admiral adventure book advertising advertising ashtray aesop aesop's fables african african sculpture african woman agee air force alarm clock alaska alba albert albert williams album box album storage ale bottle ale mull alexandre dumas alfred meakin alfred meakin display plate alfred meakin jug alfred meakin tureen alfred pates alice alice in wonderland all over floral allens alpha alpha fishing reel alpine alstroemeris alter table aluminium alvery amathyst amber amber brooch amber depression glass amber glass amber glass bowl amber glass fruit bowl amber glass salad bowl amber glass vase amber pendant amber uranium glass amber vase american american beauty american chair american cottage clock american history american oak american platform rocker american table lamp amerita amethyst amethyst bottle amethyst carnival glass amethyst earrings amethyst glass amethyst glass vase amethyst pendant amethyst ring amp advertising amphora ampol amy e mack amy le feuvre anchor ancient ancient celtic design ring anemone anemones aneroid barometer angel angora angus and coote animals anne hathaway annual another women ansonia antique antique advertising antique ale mull antique apple corer antique arm chair antique armchair antique auto trolley antique banquet lamp antique bedside cabinet antique beer bottle antique biscuit barrel antique boiler antique book antique bottle antique bowl antique bureau antique butter dish antique cabinet antique cake plate antique candle holder antique candle stick antique chair antique chairs antique cheese dish antique chest of drawers antique childrens book antique chinese cabinet antique clippers antique clock antique coal box antique coffee pot antique colander antique comport antique cordial bottle antique corner cabinet antique cottage clock antique cruet set antique cup and saucer antique cutlery box antique decanter antique desk antique dining chairs antique display plate antique double bed antique engraving antique finger bowl antique finger lamp antique fire surround antique foot warmer antique french clock antique french plate antique french pottery antique fruit bowl antique fruit comport antique garden clippers antique garden tool antique glass jug antique hall stand antique hand tool antique hat pin antique horse clippers antique ice bucket antique ink stand antique iron antique irons antique jam pot antique jar antique jardiniere antique jelly mould antique journal antique jug antique kerosene lamp antique kitchenware antique lamp antique mantle clock antique meat plate 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card tray army army truck art art book art bowl art deco art deco auto trolley art deco bowl art deco bowls art deco brooch art deco cake plate art deco chair art deco clock art deco earrings art deco float bowl art deco fruit bowl art deco glass art deco jug art deco lady lamp art deco lamp art deco light shade art deco light shades art deco mirror art deco necklace art deco plaster figure art deco print art deco ring art deco scent bottle art deco sweet set art deco tea set art deco tea strainer art deco teapot art deco tray art deco trio art deco tureen art deco vase art glass art glass ashtray art glass basket art glass bottle art glass bowl art glass fish art glass fruit bowl art glass jug art glass scent bottle art glass stem vase art glass vase art history art nouveau art nouveau chair art nouveau chairs art nouveau clock art nouveau jug art nouveau plate art nouveau vase art plate art pottery art reference art ware art ware vase artful cats arthur conan doyle arthur gredington 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colonial french doors australian colonial iron australian colonial pedestal australian colonial sheep shears australian colonial sideboard australian colonial table australian colonial trunk australian colonial washstand australian colonial wine table australian design australian diggers australian dod australian electric jug australian federation australian federation bed australian federation bookcase australian federation chair australian federation chairs australian federation hall stand australian federation table australian fishing australian furniture australian gardening australian historical australian history australian landscape australian literature australian maps australian military australian military history australian mining australian motor sports magazine australian nature studies australian novel australian one dollar note australian poetry australian pottery australian pottery bowl australian pottery flask australian pottery jelly mould australian pottery jug australian pottery lamp australian pottery mixing bowl australian pottery pot australian pottery tureen australian pottery vase australian railways australian tankards australian travel journal australian trench art australian vase australian verse australian war memorial australian wild life australian wildflowers australian wildlife australiana austrian austrian pottery authentic leedsware auto badge auto trolley autobiography automotive autumn autumn jug autumn leaves autumn tones avery avon aynsley aynsley bon bon dish aynsley bowl aynsley china aynsley lidded bowl aynsley trio aztec baby baby bottle baby feeder baby rose backstamp badge badges bagley bagley glass bagley vase bakelite bakelite canister bakelite clock bakelite fishing reel bakelite frame bakelite kitchen canister bakelite radio bakers shovel bakewell bros baking baking dish balance scales balinese ball pendant ballarat ballarat pottery ballet ballet dancer ballet prints ballet scene balloon back balloon back chair balloon back chairs ballot box baltic pine baltic pine box bamboo bamforth bangle banjo paterson bank banksia banquet lamp bar brooch barker bros barley twist barn owl barometer barrel basket bass bass history bassinett batavia bath heating stand bath tub bathroom bavarian bavarian ash tray bavarian bowl bavarian scent bottle baxter bay bay tree beach beach scene bead bead necklace beadwork beaker beam balance scales bean slicer bear bearded bearded iris beater beatrix potter beauty bed bed lamp bed pan bed pot bedroom chair bedroom stool bedside cabinet bedside clock bedside lamp bedside lamps bedside pot bedside table bee bee brooch beech beechwood beer beer bottle beer bottles beer jug beer stein beer steins beeston beir stein belcher chain beldray belgian bell bell china bell's whisky belleek belleek green mark belleek vase bellows bells belt buckle ben bench bendigo bendigo pottery bendigo pottery jug bendigo pottery vase beneagles benjamin bunny bennets bennett benson and hedges bentwood bentwood chair beranger berry bowl beswick beswick art deco jug beswick bird beswick calf beswick cat beswick collie beswick cow beswick dog beswick dogs beswick farm animals beswick figure beswick foal beswick greenfinch beswick jug beswick owl beswick pheasant beurre bex bicycle lamp bier stein biggles biggles in the orient biggles novel bike lamp billy bing and grondhal binoculars biography bird bird bath bird brooch bird figure bird figurine bird plate bird series birdcage birds birds plate birds series biscuit biscuit barrel biscuit barrell biscuit decorating biscuit porcelain biscuit tin bisque bisquit bisto black black and white black and white jug black and white whisky black douglas black glass ale bottle black glass vase black iris blackbird blacksmith blackwood blackwood chair blackwood chairs blackwood pedestal blackwood table blackwood table legs blanket box bliss block and tackle block plane blossom time blouse chest blow torch blue blue and white blue and white bowl blue and white bowls blue and white canisters blue and white ginger jar blue and white jardiniere blue and white jug blue and white meat plate blue and white meat platter blue and white plate blue and white plates blue and white platter blue and white salad bowl blue and white tea set blue and white tureen blue and white vase blue art glass blue bird blue bird brooch blue boy blue crystal glass bowl blue crystal glass vase blue crystal necklace blue depression glass blue flash cut glass bowl blue flash cut glass vase blue flash cut vase blue glass blue glass bowl blue glass nut bowl blue glass table lamp blue glass vase blue jasper ware blue jasper ware plate blue lamp blue mixing bowl blue tit blue topaz blue uranium glass blue vase blue white blueberry blunt blush boar boar tooth boardgame boat bobbin turned bohemain bohemian bohemian crystal bohemian crystal glass vase bohemian crystal vase bohemian glass bowl bohemian glass jug bohemian urn bohemian vase boiler bols liqueur bottles bon bon bon bowl bon bon comport bon bon dish bonanza bone bone handled bone handled bread knife bone handled forks bone handled knives bonnet bonsai bonsai book book book ends book for girls book press bookcase bookcase base bookends booklet bookshelf boomerang boot booth's booths boots bore bore war bosc bossons botanical print bottle bottle coaster bottle opener bottle openers bottle stop bottle stopper bottles bow bow brooch bowl bowling bowling set bowls box box end boxed teaspoons boxwood boyd boyd wall plaque boys bracelet braemore bramble wood brambly hedge brambly hedge plate brandenburger gates brandy glasses brangwyn brass brass bell brass bound brass box brass candle stick brass candle sticks brass candlesticks brass clock brass fire screen brass goblets brass jardiniere brass lamp brass lamp base brass plaque brass rose vase brass spirit kettle brass telescope brass vase brass vases bread bread bin bread box bread comport bread crock bread dish bread knife bread plate bread scoop breakfast set brentleigh ware briar briar pipe bridge bridge chair brisbane sketchbook bristol blue bristol blue glass bristol blue glass bowl bristolite britannia britannia metal british british army british challenge british history british raj british scenery british war ship bronze bronze cat bronze jardiniere bronze plaque brooch brooches bros brownie brownie downing brush brush holder bucket buckle bracelet bud vase bud vases buddha buddhist budgerigar budgie buggy lamp bugle bull bulldog bullfinch bullock bells bumble bee bunny bunnykins bunnykins baking bunnykins beaker bunnykins bowl bunnykins egg cup bunnykins mug bunnykins plate bunnykins saucer bureau bureau bookcase burgess and leigh burleigh burleigh meat plate burleigh ware burleighware burner burslem bush bust butler butter churn butter dish butter dishes butter knife butter mould buttercup butterflies butterfly butterfly brooch butterfly plate button back button hook buttons byron c19 cabinet cabinet plate cabriole cabriole legs cabus cadet cadburys caddy spoon cairn terrier cake comport cake decorating cake dish cake fork cake forks cake lifter cake plate cake plates cake set cake stand calendar calender calf camel camellia cameo cameo pendant camera cammomile camp campaign chair campbell camphor wood trunk camphorwood trunk canadensis canapes dish canberra candelabra candle holder candle holders candle snuff candle stick candle sticks candlesticks cane cane basket cane chair cane laundry basket cane picnic basket cane rocking chair cane sewing basket canister canisters canned cannon cap cap badge capodimonte capodimonte figure captain cuttle captain w e johns captains chair captains choice car carafe carafe and glasses card card box card case card tray cards carlton carlton ware carlton ware bowl carlton ware comport carlton ware foxgloves carlton ware fruit bowl carlton ware jam pot carlton ware leaf bowl carlton ware pin dish carlton ware plate carlton ware primula plate carltonware carlyle carnations carnations pin dish carnival carnival glass carnival glass bowl carnival glass fruit bowl carnival glass light shade carpentry and joinery carry case carter brown cartlon ware carved carved box carved chair carved chairs carved frame carved sideboard carved table carved trunk carved wood carved wood panel carver chair carving set case casey casey ware casey ware vase cassisu coolidge cast iron cast iron bed cast iron bird bath cast iron boiler cast iron fire surround cast iron money box cast iron pot stand cast metal caster shaker caster sugar castor oil cat cat brooch cat figure cat figurine cat teapot cats cedar cedar box cedar cabinet cedar chest of drawers cedar sideboard cedar table cedar wine table celery vase celtic ring centre table centrepiece ceramic basket ceramic canisters ceramic clock ceramic lamp ceramics cercis cereal bowl cerinthoides chaff cutter chaffinch chain chain earrings chair chairs chaise longue chalice chamber lamp chambers journal champagne champagne flute champagne glasses champion chandelier chanti chaplin chapmans character character beaker character jug character wall mask charger charles and di charles and diana charles dickens charlie charlotte bronte cheese dish cheroot holder cherry blossom cherub chess chest chest of drawers chester chestnut chiang yee chick chicken chiffonaire chiffonier chiffoniere chiffoniere parts childbirth book childbirth without fear children children's adventure children's adventure book children's book children's wonder book childrens book childrens books childrens chair childs tea set chilean auto badge chilean auto club chilliwack chiming clock chimney kettle china chinese chinese chair chinese elm chinese elm table chinese figure chinese ginger jar chinese plate chinese teapot chinese urn chinese vase chinoiserie chinoserie chintz chintz cake plate chintz nut bowl chintz nut dish chintz plate chippendale chippendale jug and bowl chocolate chocolate cups chocolate pot chocolate tin chocolates chocolates tin chretin christening christening mug christian christian prints christmas christmas decorations christmas plate chrome chrome lamp chrysanthemum chrysanthemum vase church church chalice church pew churchill bowls churchill pottery cider cigar cigar box cigar piercer cigarette cigarette box cigarette case cigarette holder cigarette lighter cigarette pack cigarette tin cigarettes cigars citrine ring citrone clara claret jug clarice cliff clarice cliffs classic classic literature clematis clematis montana clerks desk climber clip on earrings clippers clock cloisonne clown club lounge co coaching days coaching scenes coalport coalport allegro coalport bowl coalport mug coalport serving plate coaster coat hooks coat of arms coat stand cobalt blue urn cobbler cobolt blue cockatoo cocker spaniel cocktail glass cocktail jug cocktail shaker codd bottle coffee coffee can coffee cans coffee cup coffee cups coffee grinder coffee mugs coffee percolator coffee pot coffee set coffee table coggins cognac water jug coin coin purse coke coke iron colander colclough colin garratt collection box collectors plate collie collins colonial colonial australian colonial style chairs coloured glass coloured glasses colt column comic commemorative commerative commode commode chair commonwealth bank compact companion company compass comport comports compote condiment bottle condiment bottles condiment pot condiment set conifer conservation constable container containter continental convex convex frame convex glass convex glass frame convict conway stewart pen cook cook book cookie cookie barrel cooper and cooke copeland copeland spode copenhagen copper copper ale mull copper beech copper jardiniere copper kettle copper kitchen ware copper pot copper watering can coppin coral bracelet corbels cordial cordial bottle cordial jug cordial set cordon bleu corella corgi corkscrew corner cabinet cornflowers cornish cornish ware cornish ware jug cornucopia cornucopia vase coronation coronation memorabilia corps cosmetics costume jewellery cotinus cottage cottage chair cottage chairs cottage clock cottage flowers cottage plate cottage ware cottage ware jug cottage ware salt and pepper cottage ware tea set cottage ware teapot cottages cotton reel holder couch country country railway stations country style courting figure covent garden cow cow bell cow bells cow figure cow figurine crab crab apple craft book crafts cranberry glass craven a cream can cream jug cream petal jug creamer creamware crepe myrtle crested ware creswick crib board cricket cricket memorabilia cries of london crime novel crinoline lady crinoline lady tray crochet crock crocus crown crown devon crown devon jug crown devon vase crown ducal crown staffordshire crucifix cruet set crystal crystal basket crystal bell crystal bowl crystal bowls crystal cake comport crystal candle holders crystal chandelier crystal clock crystal comport crystal comports crystal decanter crystal earrings crystal fruit bowl crystal glass crystal glass basket crystal glass bowl crystal glass chandelier crystal glass clock crystal glass comport crystal glass comports crystal glass condiment pot crystal glass condiment set crystal glass decanter crystal glass fruit bowl crystal glass jam pot crystal glass jug crystal glass liqueurs crystal glass nut bowl crystal glass plate crystal glass scent bottle crystal glass shakers crystal glass tray crystal glass tumblers crystal glass vase crystal glass vases crystal glass water jug crystal glass wines crystal glasses crystal jar crystal jug crystal necklace crystal nut bowl crystal nut bowls crystal salad bowl crystal scent bottle crystal sweet bowls crystal tumblers crystal vase crystal wine glasses crystal wines csp cubic zirconia cuckoo clock cuff cuff links cufflinks cultured pearls cup cup and saucer cup holder cup saucer cup saucer and plate cup saucer plate cupboard cupid cups cups and saucers cut cut crystal scent bottle cut glass scent bottle cut throat razor cutlery cutlery box cutlery set cypress vase czech daguerrotype daisy dalmation dance dancer dante daphne daphne pattern darning mushroom davenport dawn day bed daylesford de de la rue debutante decanter decanter and glasses decanter labels decanters deco decoration decorative plate decoy deer deer head delf delft delft blue delfts delicious delight demijohn demijon demitasse demitasse and saucer demitasse trio demobilization papers denka depression depression furniture depression glass depression glass bowl depression glass bread dish depression glass butter dish depression glass candle holders depression glass cheese dish depression glass comport depression glass dish depression glass fruit bowl depression glass fruit comport depression glass jug depression glass lemon squeeze depression glass measuring jug depression glass plate depression glass vase depression pottery depression pottery vase depression vase derby derby posies derby roses derby roses trio desk desk calendar dessert bowls dessert plate dessert set dessert spoons detonator tin devon devotional diana pottery diana vernon diana ware diana ware flower trough diana ware vase dice holder dick whittington dickens dickens series jug dickens ware dictionary digger dills dimsie dingo trap dining chairs dinner bell dinner forks dinner plate dinner plates dinner set diosma dipper dish disney record display cabinet display plate disston divided bowl divided dish divided plate doctor doctor at sea doctor in clover doctor in the house document box dog dog figurine dog prints dog trap dog whistle dogs dogwood doily holder doll doll chair doll head dolls dolls furniture dolphin domestic donalds of paddington donkey door door knocker door stop doors dorita bruce dorita fairlie bruce dorothy doughty dorothy doughty's double bed douglas doulton doulton burslem doulton lambert doulton lambeth doulton tea set draftsman draftsmans instruments dragon dragonfly dragonfly brooch dragons draught horse drawers dreadnaught dresden dresden figurine dresser dresser chest dressing table dressing table mirror dressing table pot dressing table set dressing table tray drink pourer drinking drinks cabinet drinks set drip glaze vase drop leaf table drop side drop sided table drought duchess chest duchess china duck duck call ducks dumb waiter duralite dutch dutch figures dutch scene dutch scenes dutch silver fork dwarf eagle early early c20 earrings ebonized ebony ebony elephant ebro ecclesiastical church vestments edinburgh edison edith holden eduard bay education edward edward ellis edward rand edward s ellis edward viii edwardian edwardian biscuit barrel edwardian button hook edwardian chair edwardian chairs edwardian clock edwardian cruet set edwardian decanter edwardian fire screen edwardian flower press edwardian fob chain edwardian frame edwardian frames edwardian fruit bowl edwardian invalid cup edwardian jar edwardian jug edwardian knife edwardian lamp edwardian lithograph edwardian mantle clock edwardian meat plate edwardian mirror edwardian mustard pot edwardian pedestal edwardian pendant edwardian pickle jar edwardian picnic set edwardian picture frame edwardian plate edwardian pot stand edwardian print edwardian rose vase edwardian scent bottle edwardian serviette ring edwardian serving tray edwardian sewing box edwardian shoe horn edwardian stool edwardian table edwardian tea cups edwardian teapot edwardian toilet jug edwardian travel edwardian tureen edwardian umbrella edwardian vase edwardian vinegar jar edwardian wessex edwarduan egg egg coddler egg cup egg cups egg pendant eggshell china egyptian eleanor porter electric electric jug electric lamp electrified lamp elephant elephant brooch elephant group elephant pendant elephants elijah cotton elischer elischer pottery elizabeth elizabeth lane ella wheeler wilcox ellerston trevor elm elyne mitchell embossed embroidery emerald ring emily brodie emily bronte emma leslie empire empire england empire porcelain tray empress enamel enamel badge enamel coffee pot enamel colander enamel egg enamel jug enamel measuring jug enamel pin dish enamel saucepan enamel sign enamel teapot enamel ware enfield engineers compass english english cottages english countryside english gardens english history english oak english pottery english pubs english railways english rose english scenes english travel english villages english walnut engraving enhancer enid blyton enid blyton novel entree dish entree plates entry table epns eric juckert eric lowe eric lowe flower trough eric lowe vase erica ericaflora's ernst bohne sons etched etching ethel kerr etsey european evelyn waugh evergreen ewer explicit explosive extension table external calipers eye wash eyewash faberge fabric covered box fabrik fairstar fairy falcon ware fancy chair fans farm farm animal farm figurine farm gate farming farming equipment farming memorabilia federation federation bed federex feeder fencing fenimore cooper fenton fenton carnival glass fenton meat plate fenton milk glass fenton vase fern ferrara bowl ficus fieldings fieldings crown devon fig figure figure vases figures figurine figurines fijian file drawers filigree filigree brooch filing cabinet filing cabinets film film review fine finger bowl finger lamp fire dogs fire engine fire extinguisher fire grate fire screen fire surround fireside set first edition fish fish knives and forks fish pendant fish plate fish set fish vase fishing fishing book fishing reel fishing stories flag flambe ware flame flame mahogany flamingoes flash cut glass flash cut glass bowl flash cut glass lamp flash cut glass rose bowl flash cut glass vase flash cut ruby glass vase flash cut salad bowl flash cut vase flask flat iron flatware flax float bowl float vase float vases floor vase flora floral floral jug floral light shade floral pin dish floral plate floral plates floral tankard floral tureen florence barclay flour canister flour sifter flower flower arrangement flower arranging flower arranging book flower brooch flower trough flowers flutes fly fishing book flying doctor flying ducks foal fob chain folding table folding tray table foley foley china folio cover foo dogs food cabinet food cover food grater food mincer food safe foot stool football football memorabilia footed cake comport footstool ford forest pansy fork forks fosters fountain pen fowler ware fowlers fowlers bowl fowlers mixing bowl fowlers no 24 fowlers pouring bowl foxgloves fragrance fragrant frame framed framed ballet scene framed edwardian print framed mirror framed plate framed print framed prints framed roses print frames france frank clune frank lloyd wright franklin mint franklin mint plates franklyns franz franz art freesia plate french french antique french arm chair french bedside cabinet french bowl french bronze jardiniere french cabinet french chair french chairs french clock french cupid french cups french doors french furniture french history french jardiniere french jug french lamp french lithograph french map french marble clock french mirror french plate french plates french poetry french porcelain french pottery french provincial french serving plate french urn french vase fretwork friend frog frog brooch frog vase frogs front end loader frosted glass frosted glass jug frosted glass light shade frosted glass light shades frosted glass vase fruit fruit basket fruit bowl fruit bowls fruit comport fruit comports fruit dish fruit festival fruit knife fruit plate fruit punch jug fruitwood fuel box end fuel sign fuiju fuji funnel furniture gala galleon galvanized steel galvanized tin game games box ganesh garden clippers garden gate garden setting garden sieve garden tool garden urns gardening gardening book gardening reference gardens garnet garnet ring gas light shade gate gate leg table gateleg gault france gavel geelong geelong botanical gardens gem gemstone gene strattonporter gentlemans chair gents ring geometric ring george george bernard shaw george iii george iii plate george v georgette georgette heyer georgian georgian ale bottle georgian book georgian bottle georgian chair georgian chairs georgian dram georgian glass georgian ladel georgian ladle georgian silver spoon georgian spoon georgian table geppo geranium german german beer stein german bier stein german clock german figures german kerosene lamp german modernist vase german movement german shepherd german souvenir german vase germany gien gill gillette gilt gilt framed mirror gilt frames gilt mirror gilt picture frame ginger beer ginger jar girl girls annual gladstone gladstone bag glamis glass glass ashtray glass basket glass bell glass bottle glass bowl glass cake comport glass candle holders glass clock glass comport glass cutter glass decanter glass dome glass dressing table tray glass figurine glass fruit bowl glass fruit comport glass jam pot glass jar glass jelly mould glass jug glass jug and bowl glass kerosene lamp glass lidded pot glass light shade glass measuring jug glass nut bowl glass paperweight glass plate glass pot glass sandwich tray glass sauce jug glass scent bottle glass shaker glass stem vase glass swan glass vase glass vases glass water jug glasses glauca glaze glazed globe glory chest glove box gloves glue pot goat bells goblet goblets goebel gold gold and aventurine brooch gold bar brooch gold brooch gold crucible gold diggings gold panning gold ring goldcrest golden golden fleece golden retriever goldfinch goroke gothic gothic revival gothic revival chair gothic revival hall table gouda jug goyer graduating jugs grafton china gramaphone gramophone granny grape scissors gravenstein gravy boat gravy jug great greek history greek urn green green depression glass green flash cut glass bowl green glass green glass bowl green glass butter dish green glass finger lamp green glass fruit bowl green glass jelly mould green glass jug green glass lamp green glass rabbit green glass vase green glass wine glasses green glass wines green jasper ware green majolica plate green plate green uranium glass green vase greenfinch greeting card grey griffiths sweets grimwades grimwades comport grimwades crystal grimwades dish grimwades jug grindley grindley cake plate grindley jug grindley sandwich plate grindley the balmoral grooming grosvenor china grosvenor club guage guangxu guiness guinness gumnuts gustave flaubert guy boyd gypsy table h g wells h rider haggard hagen hagen renaker hagis hagley hybrid haig haig whiskey haig whisky haig whisky water jug haigh hair brush hairdryer hajenius half doll half pint measuring jug half round cabinet halfords hall hall chair hall cupboard hall seat hall stand hall table hallmark hallmarked hallstand hamlet hand hand beater hand blown glass jug hand carved hand carved frame hand carved ivory hand carved pipe hand crafted brooch hand crafted stool hand cut crystal hand embroidered vestments hand made brooch hand made jug hand mirror hand painted hand painted comport hand painted csp hand painted fruit bowl hand painted nut bowl hand painted plate hand painted tea cup hand painted urn hand painted vase hand tinted photograph hand tool hand tools handbag handcuffs handled vase handpainted hanks harding harmonica harriet lummis smith harrison fisher harry memmott harry northwood harvest jug hat hat badge hat block hat box hat pins hatsukasa havana cigar box hawthorn hazel hazel nut head heart heart bracelet heart locket heart pendant heart ring heart shaped bowl heat heater heather lay heather lay tankards heavily hecla hecworth hedge hedging helicopter helleborus helmet hemp henry henry alcock and co henry lawson hepplewhite heritage heroes hexagonal table heyer hiag hibiscus high back chairs highchair highland highlanders hignetts hilaire belloc hilton brown hindu hip flask his masters voice historic book historical historical london historical novel history history book history of scotland history of the war hk tunstall hmas tobruk hobnail hobnail glass hobnail glass fruit bowl hobnail glass scent bottle hoffman pottery hoffmans hoffmans mixing bowl hoffmans no 30 hoffmans shaving mug hoftmans holden holder hollywood home decoration home decorations home sweet home homewares honey honey pot hooks hoop back hopalong cassidy hornby horology hors d'oeuvre dish horse horse book horse brass horse clippers horse equipment horse grooming horse racing horses hostess set hot water jug hotel doors hotel ware hotpoint hoult hound hounds household journal hummel humour hungarian hunt hunter hunting hunting horn hunting man hunting scene hunting scenes huon pine hutschenreuther hutschenreuther patesurpate hydrangea hydrangeas hydrometer ian neilson ice ice bucket ice cream ice cream scoops icing icing gun idriess illustrated illustrated london news illustree imari imari bowl imari jug imari pattern bowl incense burner indian indigenous indiginous infantry ink bottle ink jar ink stand ink well inlaid inlay insects inspector bonaparte insulex internal calipers invalid cup invalid feeder invicta inwald crystal inwald crystal nut bowl ion l idriess ireland iridescent glass light shade iris iris vase irish irish pipe iron iron tub ironing board ironstone ironstone jug island israeli italian italian art glass italian candle holders italian figure italian glass italian glass comport italian glass vase italian lamp italian pitcher italian pottery italian rosary italian salad bowl italian serving tray italian soup tureen italian table lamp italian urn italian wall plaque ivorine ivory ivory figure j and g meakin j carlton france j g meakin jack jack russell jackson jacksons jacobean jacobean lily jacobean revival jacobean ware jade jade bangle jade frog jade necklace jade pendant jade ring jaguar jam dish jam pot james james dixon james dixon and sons james herriot james kent james kent nut bowl james kent nut dish james kent plate jane austen japanese japanese basket japanese bowl japanese cake plate japanese canisters japanese clock japanese coffee pot japanese coffee set japanese crystal glass japanese demitasse japanese jug japanese maple japanese nut bowl japanese plate japanese pot japanese salt and peppers japanese sandwich plate japanese tea set japanese teapot japanese trios japanese tureen japanese urn japanese vase japanese vases japanese woodcut japonica jar jardinere jardiniere jars jasper jasper ware jasper ware plate jasper ware teapot jasperware javanese jelly jelly mould jesus jet jewellery jewellery box jewelry jg meakin jiki shippo john john aynsley john bunyan john campbell john campbell vase john tams john turton knives johnnie walker johnson johnson bros johnson bros plate johnson bros salad bowl johnson bros toilet jug johnson cup and saucer jonothan journal jug jug and base jug and basin set jug and bowl jug and creamer jug and sugar bowl jug basin jug bowl jugs juicer jules verne june roses jungle warfare kaiser stuhl kaleidoscope kangaroo kangaroo chair kangaroo chairs karen kauri kauri pine kauri pine chest of drawers kauri pine frame kay parris kelsboro kenneth grahame kent kerosene kerosene jar kerosene lamp kerosene lamp shade kerosene lamp shades kerosene lamps kestrel kettle kewpie dolls key keys kilimanjaro killarney killian king king charles spaniel kingfisher kirkham kitch kitchen kitchen canister kitchen canisters kitchen dresser kitchen hooks kitchen measures kitchen scales kitchen seive kitchen table kitchen ware kitchenalia kitchenware kitten knickerbocker knife knitting knitting needle gauge knives knives and forks koala koala vase koalas kodak kodak camera kookaburra korea korean war kosmos kosta boda kreisler valve radio kriesler radio kutani l g blunt l m montgomery la lab flasks labrador lace hook lacquer lacquered box ladder back chair ladder back chairs ladies chair ladies of fashion ladle lady lady figure lady figurine lady lamp lalique lamb lambert lamp lamp base lamp shade lamp shades lamp stand lamps lancaster lancaster and sandland lancaster and sandland jug lancaster and sandlands lancaster jug lancaster sandland lancasters landscape large picture frame late meiji plate late meiji vase latticino latticino glass laundry basket laundry copper lawrence of arabia lawson layette le blond lead lead light lamp lead light lamp shade lead light panel lead light panels lead light shade lead light shades lead soldiers leadlight leadlight cabinet leadlight door cabinet leadlight lamp leadlight panels leaf leaf bowl leaf dish leaf plate leather leather bound leather folio cover leather photo album leather suitcase leedsware lemon lemon squeeze lemon squeezer leo tolstoy leon pattern leonard letter letter holder letter opener letter rack letter scales letter spikes lettuce dish lettuce strainer leucadendron lewis carroll liberty library chair library table lid lidded basket lidded bowl lidded condiment pot lidded glass pot lidded jam pot lidded jar lidded pot lidded powder bowl lidded sugar bowl lidded sugar pot lidded urn lidden tureen light light shade light shades lighter lighthouse lilac lilies lilium lily limoges limoges bowl limoges lidded pot limoges miniature display plate limoges miniature ewer limoges plate limoges trinket box limoges urn limoges vase linden line linen press linguistics lino cut lion lioness liqueur glasses liqueur set lithograph little duck little women liverpool lladro lladro figure lladro figures lladro figurine lladro nao lladro spain lladro zaphir local lock locket loetz log vase lolly dispenser london lone ranger lone ranger record long stemmed pipe longfellow lord nelson lord nelson ware lorgnette lorna bailey lorna bailey artware lorne lotus louisa alcott lounge lounge chair lounge table lourdes rosary lovatt and lovatt love love heart love story loving mug luggage lunch set lustre lustre bowl lustre demitasse lustre drop lustre fish vase lustre glass lustre vase lustre ware lustre ware vase lustres macadamia macintosh mack macrobinsons made magazine magazine holder magazine rack magazine stand magazines magic magicians magicians apprentice magnifying glass magnolia mahogany mahogany chair mahogany chairs mahogany desk mahogany pedestal mahogany sideboard mahogany table mahogany wine table mahogony majolica majolica jug majolica plate majolica vase make mine magic make up makers makers mark maldon male maling maling lustre ware maling thumbprint maling ware bowl mallard maltby malvern malvern pattern manchu mandolin manicure manicure set manning clark mansfield park mantle clock manual map maple marble marble top table marble top wash stand marcasite marcasite brooch marcel goldscheider march mardi mare margaret irwin margie at the harbour light marigold carnival glass marine mark marking tools marklin marquetry martell cognac martin boyd martini glasses mary mary grant bruce mary gregory mask mason jar mason's masonic masonic apron masonic apron case masonic badges masonic gavel masons match case match striker matchbox matt mattei bros maudsley maugham maurice maeterlinck maurice speed may gibbs mayer brothers mcc cuff links mcc memorabilia mcgill meakin meakin jug meakin roses jug meakin sandwich plate meakin tea set measuring jug meat plate meat platter meat press meat safe meccano medal medallion medals medical medical instrument medlar meerschaum meiji meiji vase meissen melbourne melbourne centenary melbourne olympic games melbourne olympics melrose ware memorabilia memoribilia menu mespilus message rack messel metal metal cigarette case metal teapot metalware mexican mice michelangelo microscope mid c19 mid c20 mid century modern midwinter salad plate mikasa milano militaria military military aircraft print military book military history military memorabilia milk milk boiler milk can milk glass milk glass chalice milk glass comport milk glass light shade milk glass scent bottle milk glass vase milk jug milking stool miller and co mincer miners couch miniature miniature building miniature dictionary miniature goblet miniature jug miniature oil jug miniature tea set miniature tureen miniature urn miniature webster dictionary miniatures mining mining relic minton minton plate minuet mirror mixing bowl mixing bowls mnakers mark mode model model car model cars model truck modernist modernist jug modernist teapot modernist vase monarchy monarh money box monica pattern monkey monkey hooks monkeys brooch monkies monks monopole montana moonshine pottery lamp moorcroft moorcroft clematis vase moorcroft freesia moorcroft orchids moorcroft plate moorcroft teapot moorcroft vase mordialloc morgan mosaic brooch moss rose mother of pearl mothers day plate motor bike motor oil motto ware mould moulded mounted soldiers mouse movement movie movies mr punch mrs molesworth mrs strang's annual for girls mrs tiggy winkle mt buffalo mt morgan mug mugs mulga book ends mulga wood murano murano glass murano glass bowl murano glass lamp murano glass light shade murano glass light shades murano glass swan murano glass vase mushroom music box music cabinet mustard pot mustard spoon mustard spoons myer's myott myott pin dish myott tureen mystery novel nagoya nagoya teapot nagoya trio nagoya vase nail buff nail clippers nail file nao nao figure napiorkowska naples national motor journal native american native woman natural childbirth natural pearl pendant naturalist nautical naval navy necklace necklace and earring set needle needle tin needles nelson pottery nelson ware nesting tables nestles nevil shute new cavaliers new year newlyweds newport news nibiana nicholas nickelby ningbo nippon nips no. noel coward noke nonsense rhymes noritake noritake bowl noritake dinner set noritake jug noritake nut bowl noritake plate noritake salad plate noritake tea cup norman lindsay northwood carnival glass note clip note holder nouveau novel novelty novelty jug novelty lighter novelty salt and pepper novelty salt and peppers novelty shakers novelty tea set novelty teapot nurnberg nursery bowl nursery plate nursery rhymes nursing chair nut bowl nut bowls nut comport nut cracker nut dish nut dishes nutcracker nutmeg lamps oak oak arm chair oak auto trolley oak bedside cabinet oak bookcase oak cabinet oak carver oak chair oak chairs oak clock oak coffee table oak corner cabinet oak desk oak dresser oak drop sided table oak filing cabinet oak frame oak hall stand oak kitchen dresser oak occasional table oak single bed oak table oak wine table oars obisen occasional table occupied japan octagonal plate odora office chair ogdens oil bottle oil on board oil painting oil tin oilograph old book old coach house old country rose old english old english inns old english roses old foely old foley old moreton hall olive olive dish oliver twist oliver twist jug oliver twist pin dish olsen olympic memorabilia olympics on one cup teapot only edition onyx onyx pendant onyx ring opal opal ring opener opera glasses orange orange taffeta orchard gold orchestra orchid orchids orchids teapot organ oriental oriental design oriental plate oriental poppy oriental trunk original original art original oil painting original painting ornate ornate knife ornate mirror oroton oscar wilde our first century outhwaite oval oval framed photograph oval fruit bowl oval glass bowl oval mirror oval plate oval ring oval table oven overlaid glass overlaid glass bowl overlaid glass vase overlaid glass vases owl owl figure owl figurine owls p76 packaging case padlock paeony pagoda painted painted ruby glass vase painting painting of horses palissy pall mall tumblers palomino pan panel tile pansies pansy pantry paper trays paper weight paperweight papier mache papyrus paragon paragon cake plate paragon pin dish pareek parian parian jug parian ware parien paris parker parliament house parlour seat parrot part dinner set parviflora parvifolia pascall pastoral pates pates pottery pates pottery basket patience pattern paua shell brooch pavlova plate peach rose peacock peacocks pear pearl pearl brooch pearl earrings pearl necklace pearl pendant pearls pears pears cyclopaedia pears print pears prints pedestal pedestal bowl pedestal table peg maltby peggy davies pekinese pen pen holder pendant penguin pennant penstemon peonies peony pepper and salt perfect teapot perfectone phono perfume bottle pernod perpetual calendar persian personal grooming peruvian peter dawson peter dawson whisky peter fleming peter pan peter rabbit peterson's of dublin pewter pewter ashtray pewter goblet pewter jug pewter lidded jug pewter owls pewter tankard pewter water jug pharmacist pheasant phillip island phillip island history philosophy phoenix phoenix plum pudding phormium photo album photo frame photograph photographic equiptment photographic postcards photographs piano piano lamp piano sconce piano sconces piano stool picea pick pickle fork pickle jar picnic basket picnic set picture book picture frame picture frames picture plate pie dishes pie funnel pie vent pierced plate pig pigeon pigeon holes pill box pilsner pin pin brooch pin dish pin dishes pin holder pin tin pin tray pine pine door pine trunk pink pink crystal fruit bowl pink depression glass pink elephant brooch pink glass pink glass fruit bowl pink glass lamp pink glass light shade pink glass light shades pink glass vase pink necklace pink uranium glass pink vase pinkie pinus pipe pipe band pipe holder pipe stand piping pippin pirate pistol pitcher pitcher and bowl pittosporum placemats plane planes plant plant stand planter plaque plaques plaster plaster dog plaster figure plate plate and saucer plates platform rocker platter platypus players playing card box playing card case playing cards playmates plug plumb plumbing tools pocket flask pocket knife pocket mirror pocket watch poems poetry poison ring poker poker dogs poker work polish polish crystal glass polish glass polish glass wines polkadot polker work polkerwork pollyanna pomegranate pomegranate vase pond yacht pony poodle poole poole pottery pop gun poppies poppy porcelain porcelain doll porridge bowl port port said postcards portland pottery portrait portrait vase portugese porzellan post modernist chandelier post office scales post wwii postcard postcards poster posy vase pot pot cabinet pot lid pot plant stand pot stand potato bag potpourri holder pottery pottery basket pottery bowl pottery vase pouring bowl powder bowl powder compact pratt ware prayer book prayer stool pre 1870s pre wwii premier pottery preston press pressed brass fire screen pretty ladies pretty lady price bros pride and prejudice print prints promotional promotional mixing bowl protea proverb plate puck of pook's hill pudding bowl pug puma punch bowl purse pyrex casserole dish qing qing dynasty qing dynasty table quarter horse quartz necklace queen queen anne queen anne whisky queen elizabeth coronation queen elizabeth ii queen elizabeth ii memorabilia queen elizabeth ii mug queen elizabeth ii pin dish queen elizabeth ii silver jubilee queen elizabeth ii tankard queen victoria queenscliffe queensland quick unpick raaf rabbet plane rabbit rabbit figurine race horse rack plate racv radio radiogram rails railway railway book railway lamp railway signal lamp railways raj ram ramekin ramekins rand rank raphael tuck rare rare antique book rare auto badge rare book rare childrens book rare clock rare lamp raspberry rathjen hemming rathjon henning ray cook rayham pottery raynham razor razor strop reader readers real old willow record record box record needle tin record needles record storage recreation red red and white red flash cut glass bowl red flash cut vase red glass red glass fruit bowl red hydrangea red roses red vase redbreast redwood reference reference book regency regency chairs regiment reginald arkell regulator clock religion religious religious book religious icon religious memorabilia religious picture religious print religious quote remude remued remued basket remued jug remued vase remued wall vase renaker renoir renoir print replica reproduction reproduction old sheffield plate restorable restore restorer retriever retro retro bread bin retro clock retro serving tray retro tumblers retro wine glasses rhododendron rice bowl rice bowls richard ginori richard gordon ridgeways ridgway ridgways ridway ring robert browning robert burns robert louis stevenson robin robin brooch robin hood robinson robot robur teapot rocker rocking chair rocking horse rococo mirror rodolstadt rolling rolling pin romance novel romantic scene rome ronald searle rooster rosalynde rosalynde nut dish rosary rosary beads rose rose bowl rose elegans rose elegans pin dish rose pin dish rose plates rose quartz necklace rose vase rosea rosemary rees roses roses fruit bowl roses jug rosewood rothenberg rottweiler rouge royale round mirror round posy vase round table router rowan tree rowlocks royal royal adderley royal albert royal albert cake plate royal albert cake plates royal albert pin dish royal albert serena royal albert teacup royal albert trio royal albert val d'or royal art pottery royal artillery royal bonn royal commemorative royal commemorative mug royal commemorative tankard royal copenhagen royal crown derby royal doulton royal doulton bowl royal doulton cake plate royal doulton character jug royal doulton demitasse royal doulton figure royal doulton figurine royal doulton flambe royal doulton jug royal doulton kitten royal doulton meat plate royal doulton nut bowl royal doulton orchid royal doulton pin dish royal doulton plate royal doulton plates royal doulton sandwich tray royal doulton series ware royal doulton soup bowls royal doulton vase royal grafton royal harvey royal memorabilia royal osborne royal paragon royal petal jug royal souvenir royal stafford royal staffordshire royal staffordshire jug royal staffordshire sandwich plate royal standard royal standard trio royal tour 1901 royal vale royal wedding royal winton royal winton comport royal winton dish royal winton sandwich plate royal worcester royal worcester cups royal worcester plate royalty ruby ruby glass ruby glass jug ruby glass lamp ruby glass vase rudyard kipling rue ruler rules rummer rupert brooke rural england rush russian russian history rustic rustic england rustic furniture rustic sideboard rustic table sacred objects sad irons saddle seat sadler sadler teapot safari safety razor sail boat sailing sailing ship sailor sairy gamp saji salad bowl salad plate salad servers salad ware salesman salesman sample salon chair salt and pepper salt and pepper shakers salt and peppers salt cellar salt cellars salter salter no 7 salter scales samovar sample samsonite samsonite suitcase sandalwood trivet sandland sandland pin dish sandland ware sandland ware pin dishes sandringham sandwich dish sandwich plate sandwich tray sandwich trays sarah bengray sarreguemines satauma satin etched light shade satin glass satinwood satsuma satsuma vase sauce boat sauce bottle sauce bottles sauce bowl sauce jar sauce jug sauce jug and base sauce jugs sauce ladel sauce ladle sauce tureen saucepan saucer saucers saw saw clamp scales scales and weights scales weights scent bottle scent bottles scented schnapps bottle school school badge school desk school prize schrader tins scissors scoop scotch scotch whisky scotch whisky bottle stop scotch whisky prints scotland scottie scottie dog scottie dog brooch scottish scottish cattle scottish history scottish pine scottish thistle scottish thistle brooch scotty scotty dog scotty dog brooch screen sculpture sculpture print sea sea life sea shell sea shell vase sea shells seal seal point siamese cat seascape seashell seashell vase seashells seat secret seven sedum seed box seed pearls seiton vase seive sensation sense and sensibility sepia series service service medal serviette holder serviette ring serviette rings serving bowl and base serving dish serving plate serving spoons serving tray set settee settle sewing sewing basket sewing box sewing kit sewing machine sewing machine base sewing tool sexuality shabby chic shafforshire shagg shake shaker shakers shakespeare shandong shanxi sharpe bros shaving shaving bowl shaving box shaving jug shaving mug shaw and copestake shaw copestake sheep sheep bells sheep shears sheet music sheffield shell shell bowl shell dish shell petrol shell shaped dish shell vase shellcraft shelley shelley cake plate shelley demitasse shelley heather shelley jug shells shelves sherlock holmes sherries sherry decanter sherry glasses ship ships shoe shoe horn shoe stretcher shoehorn shoes shop shop bell shop cabinet shop display shop scales shopping basket shore shore and coggins short stories shorter shorter and son shorter and sons shorter and sons vase shot glasses shotgun shovel siam siam silver siam silver brooch siamese siamese cat side table sideboard sieve sifter sign signature signed silhouette silhouette painting silk silk upholstered stool siltone silver silver and amber ring silver and amethyst ring silver and garnet ring silver and onyx earrings silver and onyx ring silver ball pendant silver bangle silver bar brooch silver bee brooch silver birch silver birch pin dish silver bird brooch silver bottle coaster silver bracelet silver brooch silver butter knife silver button hook silver cake lifter silver candelabra silver candle holders silver candle sticks silver card tray silver celtic ring silver cigar piercer silver cigarette case silver coffee pot silver condiment set silver crucifix silver earrings silver elephant silver elephant brooch silver enhancer silver filigree brooch silver fob chain silver fork silver frame silver frog brooch silver fruit bowl silver goblet silver hair brush silver heart locket silver ice bucket silver ink stand silver jewellery silver jewelry silver jubilee silver jubilee mug silver jug silver knife silver ladle silver lighter silver locket silver match striker silver mug silver necklace silver nut bowl silver pendant silver plate silver plate bowl silver plate bread comport silver plate butter dish silver plate cake lift silver plate candle holder silver plate card tray silver plate ice bucket silver plate serviette rings silver plate serving tray silver plate spirit kettle silver plate sugar bowl silver plate tankard silver plate tea set silver plate teapot silver plate toast rack silver plate tray silver plate tureen silver plate water jug silver plated silver poison ring silver rimmed fruit bowl silver ring silver serviette ring silver serviette rings silver serving dish silver serving spoons silver serving tray silver shoe horn silver shoehorn silver spoon silver spoons silver sugar bowl silver sugar scuttle silver tankard silver tea set silver teapot silver teaspoon silver teaspoons silver thimble silver toothpick holder silver tray silver tureen silver vase silver vesta silver water jug silverware simplex singer singer sewing machine single single bed sir edwin arnold sitmar sketch slide rule slip cast vase slip moulded sloe small box small coffee table small comport small jug small mixing bowl small stool small table small vase smeaton smelling salts smelling salts bottle smith smoke smokers cabinet smokers stand smoking smoking pipe snake snuff soap dish soda syphon soft soho pottery soldier soldier toby jug soldiering on somerset maugham somme soup bowl soup bowls soup ramekins soup spoons soup tureen south african souveneir souvenier souvenier jug souvenir souvenir ashtrays souvenir china souvenir cigarette case souvenir cup and saucer souvenir jug souvenir mug souvenir sweet tin sovereign case space rocket bunnykins spaceman spade back chairs spalding spaniel spanish spanish art glass speckled spectacles spelter spice canister spice canisters spill vase spinning wheel spirit glasses spirit kettle spirit level spirit stove spirits spode spode plate spokes shave spokeshave spong spoon spoon rack spoons sport spring balance scales spring flowers spring hill springmount spruce squire squirrel st bernard st trinians stable lamp staffordshire staffordshire pottery stag stage stainless steel serving tray stallion standard lamp stanley star stars statuary statue statuette steam train steam train book steam trains steel steel tip truck steel trunk steelite steelite fishing reel stellata stem vase stencil stephen king hall stereograph stereographic sterling sterling silver sterling silver bangle sterling silver bracelet sterling silver brooch sterling silver fork sterling silver locket sterling silver necklace sterling silver ring sterling silver spoon sterling silver teaspoon stick pin stick stand still life stonechat stoneware stoneware bowl stoneware crock stoneware flask stoneware jar stoneware jug stoneware pot stoneware sugar bowl stoneware tureen stoneware vase stool storage storage box storage trunk straw dispenser strawberry stretcher based table striker clock striking clock strip maps strop stuart stuart crystal stuart crystal comport stuart crystal wine glasses stumpwork succulent suez canal postcards sugar sugar bowl sugar canister sugar castor sugar nip sugar pot sugar scuttle sugar scuttle and scoop suitcase summer flowers summer fruit summer roses sunbeam sunset sunshine farm gate sunshine gate surgical susie cooper swagger stick swallow swan swan vase swap cards swarovski crystal swedish swedish crystal decanter swedish crystal glass sweet sweet bowl sweet bowls sweet comport sweet comports sweet dishes sweet kisses sweet pea sweet set sweet tin sweetheart sweets bowl sweets comport sweets set sweets tin swinnertons swinnertons jug swinnertons pin dish swinnertons pin dishes swiss sydney sydney harbour sydney harbour bridge sydney harbour bridge opening sydney harbour souvenier sylvac sylvac koala sylvac koala vase sylvac vase symbols syringa taa table table cutlery table lamp table legs tables tackle taking the bastile tall tall bearded iris tall glass vase tall jug tally ho plate tams tanglewood tanglewood tureen tank tankard tankard lighter tankards tantalus tapa cloth tape measure tapestry tapestry fire screen tasmania tasmania jug tasmanian tasmanian maple tasmanian oak tasmanian oak table tasmanian pottery taza tea tea caddy tea cup tea cups tea pot tea set tea strainer tea strainers tea tin teacup teacups teapot teaspoon teaspoons teddies teddies series teddy bear telephone tennis tennis set tennyson terracotta test cricket texaco textured glass bowl textured swan textured vase thai thai figures the balmoral the biarritz the bride the great war the little webster the lone ranger the man in the iron mask the mill the motor theatre theatre programme thermometer thimble thistle thistle vase thomas hardy thomas wild three men in a boat thriller tie pin tiger eye tiger lily tile tilt top tin tin plate tin sign tin toy tin whistle tinplate toad toast rack tobacco tobacco jar tobacco tin toby jug toffee tin toilet bowl toilet jug toilet mirror tolerant tomato bowl tongs tonka truck tony weller tool tools toothbrush holder topaz torquay torquay ware torquay ware jug tortoise shell touch lamp towlka toy train train book transfer decorated travel travel book travel journal travelling travelling alarm clock travelling trunk tray treadle sewing machine tree tree bark cloisonne trees trench trench art trick box tricycle trinket trinket bowl trinket box trinket dish trio trios trivet trophy truck trunk tub tub chair tudor revival tudor revival table tulips tumbler tumblers tunstall tureen tureen and lid turtle tuscan china two tier table umbrella umbrella stand upholstered chairs uranium glass uranium glass bowl uranium glass butter dish uranium glass dish uranium glass jug uranium glass sweet set uranium glass vase urn urns usa valve radio vanity stool vase vase frog vaseline glass vaseline glass vase vases venetian venetian glass vernon ward vfl vfl memorabilia victoiran victoria victoria pottery victorian victorian art glass victorian banquet lamp victorian biscuit barrel victorian boiler victorian book victorian bowl victorian cake plate victorian candle holder victorian centenary victorian chair victorian chairs victorian cigar box victorian coffee pot victorian comport victorian crystal glass bowl victorian csp victorian decanter victorian earrings victorian finger lamp victorian flat iron victorian flatware victorian fruit bowl victorian history book victorian imari jug victorian jam pot victorian jug victorian kerosene lamp victorian lamp victorian locket victorian meat plate victorian meat platter victorian mirror victorian photo album victorian pickle fork victorian picture frame victorian plate victorian ruby glass victorian sauce jug victorian scales victorian scent bottle victorian serving spoons victorian shaving box victorian sheep shears victorian spirit kettle victorian style victorian table victorian teapot victorian toilet jug victorian toilet mirror victorian trio victorian trivet victorian trunk victorian tureen victorian vase victorian watering can victorian wine table victorian wot not viking ship villeroy and boch vinegar jar vintage vintage alarm clock vintage annual vintage annuals vintage arm chair vintage ashtray vintage australia vintage australian book vintage barometer vintage book vintage books vintage bowl vintage brooch vintage calendar vintage car magazine vintage cars vintage chair vintage chandelier vintage children's book vintage childrens book vintage chocolate box vintage clock vintage coffee grinder vintage coffee set vintage comedy vintage corkscrew vintage decanter vintage dressing table tray vintage earrings vintage enid blyton vintage farming vintage fountain pen vintage fruit bowl vintage gardening vintage gardening book vintage glass fruit bowl vintage glass measuring jug vintage handbag vintage jewellery vintage jug vintage kipling vintage kitchen scales vintage kitchen ware vintage kitchenware vintage knitting vintage lamp vintage lead light lamp vintage lemon squeeze vintage light shade vintage light shades vintage manicure set vintage map vintage maps 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chairs war war and peace war history war poetry wardrobe ware warship wartime wash bowl wash stand washstand watch water bucket water colour water fountain water jug water pot water set waterbury watercolour watering can wattle wedgewood wedgwood wedgwood ashtray wedgwood blue jasper ware wedgwood bowl wedgwood cake plate wedgwood calendar plate wedgwood candle holder wedgwood ferrara bowl wedgwood jasper ware wedgwood jug wedgwood pin dish wedgwood plaque wedgwood plate wedgwood trinket box wembley ware wessex wessex souvenir wessex travel west german westminster westminster chimes westminster china wheelbarrow whimsies whiskey whiskey decanter whiskey water jug whisky whisky flask whisky tumblers whisky water jug whistle white white jug wii wild roses wilkinsons will lawson william coleman william iv william shakespeare williams willow willow pattern willow pattern plate willow pattern plates wiltshire wind wind up window windsor chair windsor pattern wine wine glass wine glasses wine table wines winnie the pooh winter wire woman wood and sons wood box wooden box wooden cigarette box woods woods and sons wool world war ii wot not woven wrest point wrest point hotel writing writing box writing slope wrought wwi wwii wwii military plane wwii trench art yacht yates yellow yellow vase york yves chene zane grey zylonite